Fireproof ABS UVC Sterilizer Light 2 Hous Working Time Disinfection For Face Masks

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: JYG
Certification: FCC,CE,ROHS,PSE
Model Number: JYG-2003A
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Inner box: 323*50*78mm G.W.: 0.22kg 60 PCS/CTN Outer Carton:62*43*40cm G.W.: 9.5kg
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: Western Union, , T/T
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/month
Detail Information
Name: Uvc Sterilizer Lamp LED: UVC ULTRAVIOLET LAMP
Size: 264*38*42mm Working Time: 2hous
Usage: Do Daily Sanitation For Daily Used Stuff Like Phone, Keys, Masks And Baby Toys Material: Fireproof ABS 4
High Light:

uvc sterilizer lamp


uv light stabilizers

Product Description

Portable UVC sterilizing disinfect light wand for disinfect to do daily sanitation


sterilization and deodorization principle
UV sterilization principle: UV disinfection is purely physical method of disinfection Ultraviolet sterilization is through ultraviolet radiation, damage and changes in microbial DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) structure, the bacteria can not reproduce or death immediately, to achieve sterilization purposes Truly UVC ultraviolet sterilization. is because C-band ultraviolet light is easily absorbed by the organism DNA, ultraviolet especially around 253.7nm best.
1. After the bacteria absorb ultraviolet rays cause DNA strand breaks, resulting in nucleic acid and protein crosslinking rupture, killing the biological activity of the nucleic acids, causing bacterial death.
2. ultraviolet radiation to denature proteins, bacteria lose metabolism, leading to bacterial death.

Ozone sterilization principle: Sterilization case of biochemical oxidation process Ozone is a strong oxidant, capable of direct oxidation of bacterial cell body that damage DNA and inhibit its effects, DNA of the virus also have damaging effects; for various toxins have some oxidation, reducing its toxicity.
1. Ozone glucose oxidation and decomposition of bacteria inside the enzymes required, inactivation of the bacteria died.
2. Direct bacteria, viruses effect their destruction of cells and DNA, RNA, so that damage to the metabolism of the bacteria, resulting in bacterial death.
3. through the cell membrane tissue, invade cells, acts on lipoproteins and internal lipopolysaccharide outer membrane, the bacteria dissolve the death occurred and the permeability of distortion. Thorough disinfection, no residue, O3 is a non-polluting disinfectant. O3 gas can be quickly filled the entire sterilization space, more thorough sterilization.

Ozone deodorization principle: Ozone is mainly used as the oxidation principle of strong oxidants. Ozone can react chemically with chemicals that emit odors and oxidize and decompose them into non-toxic and odorless substances, thereby achieving the effect of deodorization. There are many odors that can be removed, including odors such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, and dimethyl disulfide as main components.




Electrical Date

Model No. JYG-2003A
Power 4W
Wavelength 270-285nm
Battery 4 AA battery
Working Time 2Hours+
Charging Voltage 5V 1A
Charging Time 2Hours
Size 185*35*25mm
Material ABS+PC
Inner Box 230*78*25mm
G.W. 0.17kg
Carton 62*43*40cm 60pcs/CTN
Package Contains


USB Cable*1pcs

User manual *1pcs


Warranty Period Replacement for manufacturing defects within 1 years
Certificates CE,RoHS,FCC




Fireproof ABS UVC Sterilizer Light 2 Hous Working Time Disinfection For Face Masks 0



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